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What are the 3 most selfish astrological signs?

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Some zodiac signs are self-centered . While others will be altruistic. Self- centeredness is an exasperating fault. However, a little selfishness from time to time can prove positive in the life of the individual. Discover through this top 3 the astrological signs which are the most selfish and if yours is part of this ranking! 

Top 3 most selfish zodiac signs

3. Gemini

Gemini occupies third place in the ranking of egocentric astrological signs . Geminis love the presence of others. They like to exchange and discover new things. On the other hand, one of the main characteristics of this zodiac sign is their egocentrism . He always thinks of himself first and makes no concessions for others. He is used to being independent and alone. For this sign , sharing is not really their cup of tea.

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2. Aries

Aries occupies second place in this ranking. Added to Aries ' trait of selfishness is their innate need for competitiveness. He always wants to be first and collect all the trophies. Aries possess a determined personality that can spiral out of control when they feel they are losing the reigns. With this astrological sign it’s “he who loves me follows me”. He goes his way without worrying about others.

1. Capricorn

Capricorn is the most selfish zodiac sign . He is an earth sign , he is passionate about work and studies. When Capricorn is absorbed in a task, nothing exists around him. He has an unfortunate tendency to neglect those close to him and makes few concessions for them. This astrological sign has a burning desire for success and recognition. He is therefore focused on his own objectives. They almost become an obsession and they abandon those around them.

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