Top 3 des signes astrologiques menteurs d'astro zodiaque
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What are the 3 astrological signs that lie the most?


Some zodiac signs will use lies to protect themselves. While others will prefer honesty even if it means getting hurt. Discover through this top 3 the astrological signs that lie the most and if yours is part of this ranking! 

Top 3 biggest liars

3. Scorpio

Scorpio is known to be an honest and genuine person. However, he is also jealous and extremely possessive. He suddenly becomes a great manipulator who swallows these lies in order to achieve his ends. Indeed, Scorpio natives do not hesitate to modify reality in their favor. If a truth is complicated to tell, they simply fail to say it, making them liars by omission.

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2. Taurus

The bull is ready to do anything to defend his interests, his family and his peace. To protect their privacy and comfort zone, the astrological sign of the Taurus may start to lie. However, this sign is reliable and faithful. Worst of all, the bull will stubbornly persist in his lie. He doesn't want to be caught red-handed! Their stubbornness in wanting to see things through to the end often leads them to put themselves in delicate situations and enter into conflict with certain people.

1. Gemini

People born between May 21 and June 20 have a strong tendency to embellish reality, because for this zodiac sign , truth is a complex concept. They know how to lie very well and they are always ready to bullshit. Their intelligence, eloquence and adaptation make them excellent liars . They undoubtedly deserve their first place in the top 3 of the most lying astrological signs . Promises have no value for him: he says one thing one day and another the next.

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