Top 3 signes astrologiques sportifs d'astro zodiaque
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What are the 3 most sporty astrological signs?


Some zodiac signs are real athletes . While others totally hate it. We don't all have the same vision of sport . Some may see sport as a way to decompress and others to have fun. Discover through this top 3 the astrological signs which are the most sporty and if yours is part of this ranking!

Top 3 most sporty zodiac signs

3. Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac . He always likes to be on the move. This astrological sign constantly needs to let off steam because hyperactivity prevails in him. Obviously, sport is an integral part of his life. He combines sporting activities and likes to discover and learn new sports . Sagittarius enjoys both individual and collective physical activities. He also loves it when he can impress those around him by practicing unusual sports .

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2. The Lion:

The lion has a competitive spirit and what he likes about sport is the challenges. He wants to become the best in all disciplines, even if it means crushing his opponents. The Leo astrological sign is a true force of nature, and this sign excels in all sporting activities. Once again, what simulates it the most in sport is the challenge. It's no laughing matter with him. He wants to win every competition. His bad loser side gives him a lot of strength to succeed, because he hates losing.

1. Aries:

Aries is the most sporty sign of the zodiac ! This is the sign of action. He constantly needs to exert himself to decompress. He is always in action and likes it when things are moving. The Aries is known to be an excellent sportsman . He has an immense competitive spirit. He also likes adrenaline. This astrological sign is attracted to all sports that move. The ram can't sit still and always wants to win to celebrate victory.

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