Quels sont les 3 signes astrologiques les plus susceptibles ?
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What are the 3 most likely astrological signs?

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Some zodiac signs are touchy and they get offended for nothing. While others will accept criticism and take a step back. Discover through this top 3, the astrological signs which are the most likely and if yours is part of this ranking! 

Top 3 most susceptible zodiac signs

3. Scorpio

In third position, we find Scorpio . This astrological sign is aggressive and plays on dark humor when attacked. When he is hurt, he hides his vulnerability in provocation. If you tickle his sensibilities, expect to be piqued in return. To live with a Scorpio , so that he forgives you after an argument, you must try to calm things down as soon as he becomes aggressive.

sad person

2. Pisces

Pisces is the second most touchy sign of the zodiac . It's an astrological sign that cries a lot. When he is injured, he cries and groans for a long time. Even if you apologize on the spot, you're going to have to struggle to get an apology. Pisces have strong intuition, you absolutely must be sincere otherwise he will sense it. In case of arguments with a fish , you must be gentle and avoid leaving it alone. Be patient, accompany him, even without saying anything and it will be resolved.

1. Cancer

Cancer is the most susceptible sign of the zodiac . He sulks a lot. When he feels attacked, he sulks like a child. He is very sensitive, he gets offended quickly and he sincerely suffers when he is hurt. The astrological sign of Cancer is also a resentful sign. He doesn't forget anything and the very moment you hurt him he could be preparing his revenge! If you argue with a Cancer you have to make up for it and comfort it. It's up to you to go to him!

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