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How to calculate your ascendant in astrology?

astrology sky In astrology , the ascendant is important , it provides additional information to your astrological sign . The ascendant reveals your personality and influences your relationship with others.

In a birth chart , it represents your appearance and how others see you.

How to calculate your ascendant?

To calculate your ascendant you need: 

  • your department of birth,
  • your day and exact time of birth. 

Please note: The calculation of the ascendant is only relevant if the time of birth is exact. Find out about the accuracy of the information given.

Next, a study of astronomical tables will follow to determine the location of your ascendant in the sky at the time of your birth.

To calculate your ascendant , we use either software or the house table to find out the degree of the ecliptic where the ascendant is located.

The ascendant is determined by our time and place of birth.


What are the differences between the ascendant and your astrological sign?

The ascendant is an essential element in an astral chart . The 12 ascendants are represented in a day because they change every 2 hours. 

The zodiac sign gives us information about our inner personality. While the ascendant represents our instinctive personality, as well as our appearance and the impression we send to others. 

The ascendant reinforces the characteristics of the sun sign , especially when they are the same or in opposition.

The influence of your ascendant

The characteristics of the ascendant allow you to complete your astrological sign which is determined according to the position of the sun at the time of your birth. The ascendant brings nuances and details to your character traits and your personality .

The older we get, the more the ascendant will become clearer and will become more important and influential. Generally we recognize ourselves more when faced with the description of our ascendant than that of our zodiac sign . 

By knowing your ascendant , you can read the horoscope of your sun sign but also that of your sign determined by your ascendant .

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