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How to calculate your moon sign?

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The moon plays a very important role in astrology . There is a correspondence between the cycle of the moon and the signs of the zodiac . 

In astrology , the Moon expresses sensitivity, the unconscious , the management of emotions, the part and femininity that everyone carries within themselves. The moon is the side of one's personality that one does not reveal to others.

What is the moon sign?

In a natal chart , several elements are important to clearly define a personality. The sun , symbol of life, indicates the astrological sign . 

The sun sign embodies masculinity and our outer personality. And on the contrary, the moon sign describes our emotional personality and represents our part of femininity. It expresses our inner personality such as the subconscious, sensitivity, instinct.

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How is the moon sign determined?

Our Moon sign in a birth chart is determined based on the position of the Moon in the birth chart at the time of birth.

To determine our moon sign we must:

  • His city and country of birth. 
  • The birth date.
  • The time you were born

The moon being a rapidly moving star , it is important to know the place, date and exact time of birth when calculating the star chart. So for example, depending on the location of the Sun and Moon , a person can be Capricorn with a moon sign in Taurus .

Calculate your moon sign

Step 1 :  The number corresponding to your year of birth

To begin, refer to the number of your year of birth. IMPORTANT: If you were born during a leap year, add +1 to the number obtained. Remember the number carefully.

2nd step :  The number corresponding to your month of birth

Add the number obtained to the number corresponding to your month of birth:

  • January: 1
  • February: 4
  • March: 4
  • April: 8
  • May: 11
  • June: 14
  • July: 17
  • August: 21
  • September: 24
  • October: 27
  • November: 3
  • December: 6


Step 3:  The number corresponding to your days of birth

Take your day of birth. All you have to do is add the latter with the number corresponding to your year and the number corresponding to your month that you have already noted.

  • If you get a sum between 0 and 28, do nothing more, you can directly consult the result below.
  • If you get a sum between 29 and 54, subtract 27
  • If you get a sum between 55 and 81, subtract 55
  • If you get a sum greater than 81, subtract 82

Step 4: The revelation of your moon sign

If you obtain an amount of:

  • 0 or 1 or 27 or 28, your moon sign is ARIES
  • 2 or 3 or 4, your moon sign is TAURUS
  • 5 or 6, your moon sign is GEMINI
  • 7 or 8, your moon sign is CANCER
  • 9 or 10, your moon sign is LEO
  • 11 or 12 or 13, your moon sign is VIRGO
  • 14 or 15, your moon sign is LIBRA
  • 16 or 17, your moon sign is SCORPIO
  • 18 or 19, your moon sign is SAGITTARIUS
  • 20 or 21 or 22, your moon sign is CAPRICORN
  • 23 or 24, your moon sign is AQUARIUS
  • 25 or 26, your moon sign is PISCES

You now know your moon sign !

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