les pierres et les signes astrologiques d'astre zodiaque
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Which stone corresponds to your astrological sign?

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Our astrological signs are determined by the position of the stars at the time of our birth. They influence our personality .

Lithotherapy is an alternative medicine that uses the energy of stones to rebalance and reorganize the body. This technique considers that the crystals emit unique vibrations capable of improving the well-being of the person in contact with them.

Depending on your zodiac sign , people have their favorite stones and crystals. Several stones can represent a sign . Astro signs can also have stones in common.

astrology ruby ​​stone

Stones that correspond to Aries: Ruby, Carnelian and Amazonite

Aries has a strong character. He is ambitious and determined. The ruby ​​gives him courage and strength in carrying out his projects. Carnelian gives him the motivation to get there. Amazonite helps Aries to open up sentimentally and reveal themselves.

astrology jade stones

Stones that correspond to Taurus: Lapis lazuli, Emerald and Jade

Taurus is a sign with a lot of creativity. He is intelligent and meticulous. These qualities are amplified by a stone with great strength: lapis lazuli . A sign extremely sensitive to betrayal and resentment, emerald brings harmony and understanding. And finally the jade softens it.

amethyst stones astrology

Stones that correspond to Gemini: Labradorite, amethyst and turquoise

The sign of Gemini has a thirst for discovery and adventure. Labradorite represents this exploring side since it is a stone that regenerates and opens up to others. Amethyst soothes excessive agitation in Gemini . Greatly sentimental, he can count on turquoise which helps him express the feelings he experiences.

chrysoprase stones astrology

Stones that correspond to Cancer: Chrysoprase, citrine and tiger's eye

Cancer is very sensitive. He's an emotional sponge. Chrysoprase is ideal for cancer since it is the stone of gentleness and the heart. Citrine facilitates trusting relationships with others in order to prevent this affection from ending with conflicts and betrayals. The fruit of this sensitivity, Cancer's creativity will be protected and flourished by the tiger's eye .

citrine stones astrology Stones that correspond to Leo: Tiger's Eye, Red Onyx and Citrine

The lion is a leader and he is ambitious. He craves success. Tiger's eye promotes creativity. Red onyx will increase his self-confidence and his sense of responsibility. Then the citrine will soothe the pain of a betrayal of this great believer.

Rose Quartz Stones Astrology

Stones that correspond to Virgo: Rose Quartz, Malachite and Lapis lazuli

Virgo is a very perfectionist sign with a great eye for detail. He is also shy and reserved. Rose quartz will help him gain self-confidence. Just like malachite which is a stone of insurance. On a relational level, lapis lazuli will be an ally in expressing one's feelings, which can prove to be a test for this sign .

Lapis lazuli stone astrology

Stones that correspond to Libra: Moonstone, Lapis lazuli and Rose Quartz

Libra is a fair, harmonious sign that plays the role of mediator. The moonstone will support his instinct. Lapis lazuli , which facilitates expression, will help him resolve through words the conflicts he hates. Libra is always looking for peace and rose quartz is an ally with its gentle properties.

astrology turquoise stone

Stones that correspond to Scorpio: Black Onyx, Amethyst and Turquoise

The Scorpio is a big nervous person overflowing with energy. Black onyx will help channel it. Amethyst and its soothing characteristics will soothe the Scorpio 's sensitivity due to its high demands and its fear of abandonment. Finally, turquoise calms anger and the nervous system is also its ally.

amethyst stone astrology

Stones that correspond to Sagittarius: Amethyst and rose quartz 

Sagittarius fears loneliness. It is in constant movement. Amethyst will accompany him to soothe his anxieties and develop his creativity. Goods made from rose quartz also play a role.

malachite stones astrology

Stones that correspond to Capricorn: Moonstone, malachite and tiger's eye

Capricorn is very sensitive. He is also very reserved. Moonstone and malachite will help him open up to others. On the other hand, it is an organized and very creative sign. The eye of the tiger will develop these two strong points with intensity.

astrology sodalite stones

Stones that correspond to Aquarius: Opal, sodalite and turquoise

From time to time the astrological sign of Aquarius needs to come down to Earth. Opal is a stone that regulates energies and anchors in the present. Sodalite will help Aquarius to realize the projects of this idealistic sign. He is extremely stubborn, turquoise will be able to balance his stubbornness with wisdom.

amazonite stones astrology

Stones that correspond to Pisces: Amazonite, jade and citrine

Pisces are pessimistic and melancholy. Amazonite allows this sign to regulate these small defects. On the other hand, tolerance, the great point of fish, will be exacerbated by the jade stone. This sign is sensitive and turned towards others, citrine will support it on an emotional level.

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