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What is the role of the moon in astrology?

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In astronomy , the moon is the only satellite of the Earth . Just like the sun , the moon is an important symbol in astrology .

Our moon sign in a birth chart is determined based on the position of the Moon in the birth chart at the time of birth.

The influence of our moon sign on our personality

If the sun sign represents the inner self of each individual, the moon sign expresses certain psychological aspects of our personality . It influences our subconscious by governing our emotions and our sensitivity. 

The moon sign in a woman's birth chart is just as important as the sun and the ascendant . The moon is the symbol of femininity . It is also part of the construction of their personality, their conception of motherhood and the way they perceive their descendants.

In a man, it evokes his inner mood, his sensitivity, the type of woman who suits him.

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The moon, our part of femininity 

At the symbolic level the moon represents femininity , symbiosis, reverie, unconscious, emotional, memory, childhood, mother, home...

In a woman's natal chart , the Moon is very important, it provides information about her femininity , her condition as a woman in general, as well as her relationship to motherhood.

In a man's birth chart , the Moon indicates his potential sensitivity. But also the type of woman he is attracted to, his feminine ideal, the wife who will satisfy him through marriage in particular and reassure him.

Depending on whether the Moon is strong or weak in the chart will therefore have a different impact in the masculine and feminine chart.

However, for everyone, the moon represents the mother , the family climate, the climate of childhood as we felt it, the crowd, fertility, appetite. night moon sky

The moon and the unconscious

You should know that moon signs are calculated on a monthly basis and not annually. Each astrological sign has an influence on our emotions. Thanks to the cycles of the moon you will be able to improve your knowledge about your personality. You will have access to the unconscious part of your personality . 

The moon allows us to better understand the unconscious reasons which pushed an individual to act in this or that way. Thanks to the moon , an individual's personality can be highlighted. The moon represents unconscious feelings. His hidden motivations. If the needs of the moon sign are too numerous then this could cause anxiety or blockages in the person.

The moon is the side of one's personality that one does not reveal to others.

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The influence of the moon on our character

The moon can have a positive influence but also its negative influence on our character:

  • Its positive impact is characterized by gentleness, fullness and receptivity.
  • When it has a negative impact, it symbolizes passivity, laziness, dependence, whims, psychological hypersensitivity.

We often find these personality traits in Cancer.

To conclude, the Moon plays a major role in your life. By deciphering your moon sign , you will learn to make the most of your qualities, in love and at work.

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