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What role do houses play in astrology?

The 12 Houses of the astral chart are an essential concept in astrology to help understand a person's personality, their values ​​and their relationship with others.

The Zodiac is divided into twelve Houses and each corresponds to an area of ​​your life such as money, work, family, love…

This is calculated based on your time of birth . Houses play a very important role in better understanding your personality and your future .

astrology houses

House 1: the Ascendant.

The Self, behavior, vitality .

The 1st house represents the “ deeper self ”. It tells us about personality , and the corrections you need to make to change your life. It is also our physical appearance and its vitality. It is an essential element of a birth chart . The first house of the zodiac is related to the sign of Aries .

house money astrology

House 2: money and the need for material security.

Money earned by oneself through work and material goods.

House 2 corresponds to Taurus . This house gives us indications about our financial future and our wealth. It is she who directs our relationship with money and material goods.

home education astrology

House 3: the need or desire to learn: curiosity and intellectual interest, open-mindedness or closed-mindedness.

The entourage, brothers and sisters, studies, small trips.

The 3rd house represents communication, our way of expressing ourselves, whether orally or in writing. It also corresponds to our relationship with those around you on a daily basis (brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.). The 3rd house provides information on studies from primary to secondary and learning in the global sense. It is also the home of all small trips, transports and short trips. It corresponds to the sign of Gemini .

house family astrology

The 4th house: family, home, origins, heredity or family conditioning.

The 4th house corresponds to the sign of Cancer . It represents the family, the ancestors, the roots of the subject, his home, whether the original one or the one he will found. It also informs us about real estate heritage, childhood, the emotions of being.

home self-image astrology

The 5th house: self-image

Loves, pleasures, leisure activities, children, creations

The fifth house tells us about our unofficial loves, our relationship to pleasure and our loves. It informs us about creative activities with which we are comfortable. We also have information on the number of children we will have. It is also the house of entertainment, of luck and games which, unfortunately, can lead to all types of excesses and addictions. The fifth house of the zodiac is related to the sign of Leo .

house 6 astrology

House 6: daily life, daily work, colleagues, health.

The limits of matter, the experimentation of life: learning to do and putting into practice what you have learned.

The 6th house corresponds to the sign of Virgo . It teaches us a lot about our daily lives, such as our behavior at work, for example. It also concerns health and small, unimportant illnesses. It is also the home of pets.

house union astrology

The 7th house: unions, marriage, others, associations, contracts

The need to act with others or to help or support others, to get involved.

This house is important for defining our relationship with others and our attitude towards others. It corresponds to contracts, associations, marriage, declared enemies. In addition, if this house receives negative aspects at a given time, we can see the risks of divorce for example. This house allows you to discover if you have a lack or a quality to acquire in order to access a more beautiful life. The seventh house of the zodiac is related to the sign of Libra .

house death astrology

The 8th house: crises, passions, transformations, death, financial investments, sexuality.

Financial investments, acquired assets or property, trials, sexuality .

The eighth house of the zodiac is related to the sign of Scorpio . It corresponds to the major crises of existence leading to major upheavals in our lives. It can be about inheritances, a trial, but also sexuality, power or even hidden things. But also destructive addictions that can lead to madness or death.

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The 9th house: the great teachings, knowledge or higher studies which serve spiritual evolution.

Travel, high and abstract conceptions, spirituality, the foreign.

This house reveals the psychological domain of an individual such as the great ideals, the great journeys both physical and interior. It also represents higher education. And also illustrates astrology , religion, the culture of a country, philosophy... This house corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius .

house professional success astrology

The 10th house: social success, professional destiny, mother

The skills, the achievements, the goals, the strokes of fate to advance your career.

This house corresponds to the sign of Capricorn . It embodies ambitions, achievements in society and professional career. She relates to the audience, the potential for stardom and the mother.

home friends astrology

The 11th house: friendly life, collective projects, support and protection in life

Support and protection in life, intellectual and emotional affinities with friends . The desire for freedom.

This house is related to the sign of Aquarius . It represents our projects, our friends and informs us about our support. It tells us about friend type and group activities. It is in this house that your political involvement is defined. Humanitarianism and the collective are the order of the day in this house .

house loneliness astrology

The 12th house: enemies, troubles, loneliness, hidden trials, secrets .

Paying the bill or reaping what you sow, the withdrawal or isolation necessary for the reconstruction of the Self.

This house refers to your “ inner self ”, to the trials you will encounter during your life, to hidden enemies, to serious illnesses. Will you stay in a place of confinement: a hospital, a prison, a place of healing, etc.? It is related to moments of solitude, sacrifices, the gift of oneself. The twelfth house of the zodiac is in analogy with the sign of Pisces .

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