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What is the role of the sun in astrology?

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The position of the sun at the time of our birth determines our astrological sign . The sun is the symbol of life and warmth. 

In this article we will see the influences of the sun on your zodiac sign .

The impact of the sun on your astrological sign

Sun sign in Aries

The sun brings a lot of positive energy for this sign . The Aries is overflowing with good humor. It is a sun sign that is comfortable in sporting disciplines because they allow him to expend his energy.

Sun sign in Taurus

According to astrologers , the sun allows Taurus to improve your financial situation, that's good news!

Sun sign in Gemini

The sun brings to Gemini a resurgence of beautiful ideas. You just have to follow the course of your imagination and your creativity to create beautiful things.

Sun sign in Leo

Successes multiply when the sun is placed in this ambitious sign . So take the time to savor each of your successes!

Sun sign in Cancer

The sun allows Cancer to open up new horizons in its social life. The sun brings a good dose of vitality to this sign .

Sun sign in Virgo

Virgo is more sensitive to the charms of nature when under the influence of the sun . She becomes picky and demanding when the sun impacts this sign of the zodiac .

Sun sign in Libra

Thanks to the sun , the sign of Libra takes care of themselves more and appreciates being able to help others.

Sun sign in Scorpio

The sun pushes the Scorpio to discover new things. It also stimulates your sensuality and enthusiasm.

Sun sign in Capricorn

Capricorn , under the influence of the Sun, gains dynamism and is thirsty for new adventures. Capricorn gets curious.

Sun sign in Sagittarius

The sun has good influences on your emotions. Tenderness will invade you and love could well knock at your door. Very positive the sun with Sagittarius !

Sun sign in Aquarius

The sign of Aquarius is more sociable under the influence of the sun and you are more comfortable in the different groups to which you belong.

Sun sign in Pisces

Finally, the sun helps fish to escape from routine, from your daily life and it immerses you in a more peaceful universe which allows you to recharge your batteries.

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