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The astrological sign of Libra

People born between September 23 to October 22 are Libras . It is the seventh sign of the zodiac . Libra is balanced in everything. She fears conflict situations which she often has difficulty managing. His ability to weigh the pros and cons sometimes makes him hesitant.

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Libra: Air Element

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into four, due to their correspondence with the four elements : Fire , Earth , Air and Water . The Libra sign is an Air sign , just like the Aquarius sign and the Gemini sign . The Air element brings to these signs ease of communication and a form of lightness. But be careful of dispersion when you are an Air sign .

The qualities of Libra

Libra has the talent to make life sweeter. He is a sociable, charming, friendly person, you never get carried away and always seek to understand, to relax the atmosphere, to find harmony. Whatever the situation, you are always the peaceful one. It's a real pleasure to live alongside you. Libra is sensitive and has a great sense of justice. She shows great creativity and imagination. Libra hates shoddy work.

The faults of Libra

Libra is naive and is fooled by his benevolence. A bit manipulative with her big smile. Libra likes to create conflicts to test the limits of those close to them. This sign takes care of himself because he is obsessed with how others look at him. Libra often tends to trade lots of things, but never finishes them. Try to change this bad habit, now that you are aware of it.

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Libra in Love 

A lover above all of Love , Libra seeks relational harmony through the expression of feelings. She is dreamy, romantic and she would like her life to be like in the series. However, she is often afraid of not feeling loved and she may be attracted to relationships that do not always meet her expectations.

The scale is compatible with:

  • Sagittarius ,
  • the Lion ,
  • Aquarius .


Libra at work

Libra likes to interact with others and is therefore interested in careers in relationships. She knows how to adjust remarkably to the needs of others. Libra wants to create a good atmosphere at work. This sign knows how to negotiate and is capable of resolving complex situations.

10 things to know about the sign of Libra

  • Libra date of birth: September 23 to October 22
  • Strengths: Balance, justice, peace
  • Qualities: Courteous and sociable
  • Flaws: Indecisive and superficial
  • Your stones: Sapphire, Coral
  • Your planet: Venus
  • Your element: Air
  • Your colors: Pastels
  • Your metals: Copper, Platinum
  • Corresponding body part: kidneys, bladder, prostate

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