Le signe astrologique le plus beau d'astro zodiaque
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What is the most beautiful astrological sign?

Obviously, we are all pretty. Beauty is subjective and this article is humorous. 

Some people have an irresistible natural charm. Others have a physical feature that makes them attractive. Some people have qualities that make them beautiful.


Here is the ranking of astrological signs ranked from the most beautiful to the ugliest

1- Aquarius

Aquarians are the definition of beauty since 100% of people born under this astrological sign are pretty. They embody physical perfection. They are naturally attractive.

2- Fish

The native of Pisces has a beauty almost equal to that of Aquarius . Fish are beautiful and despite their shyness, they have a lot of charm. Their smile makes us melt.

3 - Leo

The most egocentric sign of the zodiac is found in the top 3. Lions are beautiful, but above all they are cute. We want to give hugs and kisses to the lions .

4 – Gemini

Geminis perfectly meet the beauty standards of our current society. They are beautiful but slightly lacking in charm, which explains this fourth place.

5 – Cancer

Cancers have had a real glow-up. Their beauty came with time, once the passage of adolescence was over, it was revealed. 

6 - Libra

The Libra zodiac sign is cute. We often say that they are cute at first, then we tell them about a little flaw they have. 

7 – Scorpio 

Scorpios are more beautiful on the inside than on the outside. You'll have to dig a little to see their beauty , it won't be seen at first glance. The scorpion manages to make us forget its external beauty.

8 - Capricorn 

Capricorn 's level of beauty is relatively average. He is neither beautiful nor ugly, we could describe him as passable. Capricorns have a classic beauty that doesn't make them stand out from the crowd. 

9 – Taurus

The beauty of the bulls does not at all correspond to the criteria given by society. Everyone is free to like this beauty or not, in any case the fashion society does not validate it.

10 – Aries

Aries often hear the phrase "he's nice" when asking someone to judge their physique. Aries are extremely kind and good-looking beings.

11 – Sagittarius

Sagittarians are unfortunately not beautiful. They make having a Sagittarius in their friends to bring out the beauty of the other signs of the zodiac .

12 – Virgo

The Virgo sign is the last in the ranking of the most beautiful zodiac signs , therefore it is the ugliest. Nothing is wrong with virgins !

group of friends

You will have understood that this article is 100% second-rate. He makes fun of society's standards of beauty. We are all beautiful! You who read this article: “You’re a hottie! ".

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