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The astrological sign of Gemini

People born between May 22 and June 21 are Gemini . It is the third sign of the zodiac . The native of Gemini is a dual being and he is difficult to pin down. He is rational and brilliant, eager for knowledge.

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Gemini: Air Element

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into four, due to their correspondence with the four elements : Fire , Earth , Air and Water . The Gemini sign is an Air sign , just like the Aquarius sign and the Libra sign . The Air element brings to these signs ease of communication and a form of lightness. But be careful of dispersion when you are an Air sign .

The qualities of Gemini

Mercury rules Gemini and makes them a real neuron machine. Those who follow them adore their agility of mind and their intelligence. The world is full of curiosities and their quest for stimulation is not about to stop! Gemini is curious and always looking to discover and learn new things. He likes new things. This sign wields the art of speech.

Gemini's faults

Geminis are futile and superficial. Their ways of thinking and their deep ideas reflect these images to others. They are also manipulative people who know how to adapt to situations and to different people. Gemini likes hardware and bling. He likes things that shine, makes it beautiful and enhances it physically. He is attracted by money and he tends to choose his loved ones or his partners based on their salary slip or social status. The Gemini astrological sign can also lack empathy, he is not attentive to others.

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Gemini in Love 

In love , he is attractive, light, charming and pleasant: He likes to discover others. He is very superficial, especially in his youth, and rarely completes the stories he starts. He is afraid of commitment and fears losing his freedom. However, he is a true romantic, who dreams of crazy love, but who experiences things with his mind, following an ideal that hardly corresponds to reality.

Gemini is compatible with:

  • Sagittarius ,
  • Libra ,
  • Aquarius .


Gemini at work

Very persuasive and smooth talkers, Geminis know how to argue their proposals. The tendencies to impose themselves and to seduce make Gemini formidable business men or women, mainly with their communicative skills. They don't like routine. Restlessness being an essential component in Gemini , the professions that they would happily embrace are those that require travel and travel.

10 things to know about the sign of Gemini

  • Gemini birth date: May 22 to June 21
  • Strengths: Agile, flexible and adapts quickly
  • Qualities: Lively and curious
  • Faults: scattered and superficial
  • Your stones: Jade, Turquoise
  • Your planet: Mercury
  • Your element: Air
  • Your colors: Multicolor
  • Your metals: Mercury
  • Corresponding body part: lungs, arms, hands

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