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The astrological sign of Leo

People born between July 23 and August 22 are Leos . It is the fifth sign of the zodiac . The lion is generous, noble and courageous. He knows how to defend his ideas and can occupy a leadership position. However, he has high self-esteem and this can sometimes harm him.

fire element astrology

Leo: Fire Element

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into four, due to their correspondence with the four elements : Fire , Earth , Air and Water . The Leo sign is a Fire sign , just like the Aries sign and the Sagittarius sign . The Fire element brings courage, energy but also the desire to dominate to these signs .

The qualities of Leo

The lion is a solar person who is full of energy. He needs to be noticed, but he is also loyal, faithful and honest with the people he loves. It is also an extremely generous site. The lion is driven by a strong ambition for his professional life and his personal projects. You are a party animal and an organizer, which pleases others a lot. It's simple, if you don't move, if you don't go out, you'll die of boredom.

Leo's faults

By dint of shining and always wanting to be in the spotlight, you crush those around you. You can't stand being in the background. The Leo astrological sign is authoritarian. You constantly seek to dominate those around you. Life is not a competition that you must win at all costs. You don't question yourself. You exhaust yourself living through the eyes of others. Make a little less room for the superficial and more room for the person you really are.

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The Lion in Love 

In love , the lion is passionate, generous and idealistic. He is a seducer who often reassures his ego through his conquests. He has a loyal and honest temperament, and loves the social idea of ​​marriage and family: He wants to find his soul mate. However, he is hot-blooded and loves conquest: He will have great difficulty refusing requests from the other sex. A sign of love, he cannot live without it, and if he loses it, he may doubt himself: He needs to be loved.

Leo is compatible with:

  • Aquarius ,
  • Sagittarius ,
  • Aries .


The Lion at work

At work , lions have a radiant personality. They hate contradiction and like to exercise authority. However, through sheer willpower they often manage to rise to the top and prove that this place is their natural right. However, they must understand that success is earned. In the professional environment, the lion is a loyal person, who will be able to demonstrate creativity and originality.

10 things to know about the sign of Leo

  • Leo birth date: July 23 to August 22
  • Strengths: Affectionate and organized
  • Qualities: Generous and voluntary
  • Flaws: Proud and bossy
  • Your stones: Topaz, diamond
  • Your ruling planet: Sun
  • Your element: Fire
  • Your colors: Yellow, orange
  • Your metals: Gold
  • Corresponding body part: heart, eyes, arteries

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