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The astrological sign of Scorpio

People born between October 23 and November 21 are Scorpios . It is the eighth sign of the zodiac . The Scorpio is excessive and mysterious. He is dynamic and he doesn't like routine. He likes to live with intensity in both his professional life and his loves.

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Scorpio: Water Element

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into four, due to their correspondence with the four elements : Fire , Earth , Air and Water . The Scorpio sign is a Water sign , just like the Cancer sign and the Pisces sign . The Water element brings imagination, sensitivity but also a lack of realism to these signs.

The qualities of Scorpio

THE sign of Scorpio has a lot of quality. He is a person who has a strong ability to bounce back. He is capable of facing the worst difficulties. He has incredible mental strength which allows him to always get back up even after failures. It is also a sign of zodiac who questions himself. She is a whole person, upright, frank, honest and incapable of lying. Finally, the Scorpio is a determined person and when he wants something, he gives his all to get it.

Scorpio's flaws

The passionate side of the Scorpio is sometimes difficult to manage. With them, it's all or nothing. This excessive behavior often leads him into arguments. He is also aggressive. When you don't like something, you can't keep your cool and become verbally and physically aggressive. The Scorpio astrological sign is also manipulative. He knows how to twist someone's brain. Finally, the Scorpio is possessive. He often tries to dominate others, whether in love or friendship, and he becomes too invasive.

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Scorpio in Love

Scorpio is not interested in flat and superficial relationships. He views love as a passionate, even somewhat mystical, experience. Sexuality is important to Scorpios. Their intimate relationships must absolutely be a source of fulfillment. Through sexuality, Scorpio seeks fusion and perfect communion with his partner. Scorpio is a trustworthy partner. A Scorpio in love will remain faithful. If he tends to be possessive and to test the person he loves, it is because he fears betrayal.

Scorpio is compatible with:

  • Pisces ,
  • Cancer ,
  • The Taurus .


Scorpio at work

THE Scorpio is concerned with efficiency. He is a hard worker who likes to set goals and achieve them. He is intelligent and it shows in his work. THE Scorpio doesn't like being in the spotlight. He is self-employed or an excellent right-hand man because he brings his thoughts and other people's ideas to fruition and makes them come to fruition. He also likes having this professional recognition that he finds so difficult to grant himself. THE Scorpio is charismatic and has the soul of a leader.

10 things to know about Scorpio

  • Scorpio birth date: October 23 to November 21
  • Strengths: Tactical and tenacious
  • Qualities: Lucid and fighter
  • Flaws: Aggressive and mean
  • Your stones: Garnet, Ruby
  • Your planets: Mars and Pluto
  • Your element: Water
  • Your colors: Red, gray
  • Your metals: Iron
  • Corresponding body part: genitals

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