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The astrological sign of Aquarius

People born between January 21 and February 19 are Aquarians . It is the eleventh sign of the zodiac . Aquarius is cerebral. He has great creativity and sensitivity. It is an independent sign but one that needs recognition. Aquarius seeks originality and loves extravagance. He is individualistic, but knows how to demonstrate altruism and generosity.

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Aquarius: Air Element

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into four, due to their correspondence with the four elements : Fire , Earth , Air and Water . The Aquarius sign is an Air sign , just like the Gemini sign and the Libra sign . The Air element brings to these signs ease of communication and a form of lightness. Beware of dispersion when you are an Air sign !

The qualities of Aquarius

Aquarius knows how to fend for themselves since they are very independent people. You do not don't want to bother others with your problems and try to solve them alone. You prefer to search and learn things you didn't know rather than having a solution directly. He is creative, resourceful and logical. At first glance, you make people want to talk to you, because you project this image of a very sociable person. You link quickly. Aquarius is also an honest sign that dares to say out loud what everyone else is thinking.

The flaws of Aquarius

Aquarius is sometimes a little selfish, wanting to be too independent. He's terrified that he won't be able to turn things around in his relationships. He's afraid of commitment. You don't take the risk of suffering. The Aquarius astrological sign is a very laid back person. A little too much so that makes it a defect. You may appear nonchalant. You do not show your motivation through this posture and behavior.

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Aquarius in Love 

In love , Aquarius is wary of passion. He wants to preserve his freedom and he avoids the bonds that could imprison him. He will choose a creative, intelligent, cultured and understanding partner, who will know how not to feel jealous or abandoned, when he needs to be with his friends or to stay with himself to think. Aquarians are loving and tolerant people.

Aquarius is compatible with:

  • The Lion ,
  • Libra ,
  • Gemini .


Aquarius at work

The sign of Aquarius considers his job as a passion. He likes jobs with a social function. At work , Aquarius is not afraid to confront his hierarchy. This rebellious sign has lots of ideas and lots of energy. He is intelligent and independent at a professional level. Aquarius always moves forward and will get the work done with great efficiency.

10 things to know about the sign of Aquarius

  • Aquarius birth date: January 21 to February 19
  • Strengths: Independent
  • Qualities: Resourceful and sociable 
  • Flaws: Individualistic and superficial
  • Your stones: Crystal, Amethyst
  • Your planet: Uranus
  • Your element: Air
  • Your colors: Purple, Blue, Cobalt
  • Your metals: Chrome
  • Corresponding body part: legs, venous system

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