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The astrological sign of Virgo

People born between August 23 and September 22 are virgins . It is the sixth sign of the zodiac . Virgo is organized, methodical and responsible. Virgo likes stability, but their spirit is also flexible and tolerant. This sign expresses itself very well orally and in writing, it has oratorical talents.

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Virgo: Earth Element

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into four, due to their correspondence with the four elements : Fire , Earth , Air and Water . The Virgo sign is an Earth sign , just like the Capricorn sign and the Taurus sign . The Earth element brings to these signs the sensuality that characterizes them as well as their ability to anchor themselves in reality.

The qualities of Virgo

Virgo is intelligent, logical, meticulous. You do everything with application and care. She is responsible and leaves nothing to chance. It’s a sign that constantly questions itself. This can unfortunately lead to a loss of self-confidence. The virgin does not externalize what she feels. She rarely confides and when she does, it is with people she trusts. This sign is patient and disciplined whether in his professional or personal life.

Virgo's flaws

The sign of Virgo sends others this image of a cold and severe person who does not make you want to go towards them. This sign lacks spontaneity. He is obsessed with small details. He is too perfectionist, which makes him a fault because it annoys those around him. Virgo is distressed, anxious, dizzy and clumsy. She doesn't take enough perspective and focuses on unimportant things.

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The Virgin in Love 

In love, this sign is modest, critical and not very sentimental. He wants to control his instincts and everything that is human about him, especially the emotional part. Virgo is shy, self-conscious and insecure. Demanding, Virgo takes time to find the right person, but once you have them, it's for life! A sign linked to celibacy, he often chooses to live alone, because he is capable of being self-sufficient. When Virgo chooses marriage, it is out of comfort or reason.

Virgo is compatible with:

  • Pisces ,
  • Capricorn ,
  • The Taurus .


The Virgin at work

At work , Virgo is a tenacious person who accomplishes his task honestly. She has a sense of order and method. She even agrees to undertake very difficult tasks. A loyal and dedicated person for his company. Virgo does not overshadow his colleagues in the professional context. This sign is meticulous and this is extremely appreciated by its collaborators. He is punctual, precise, organized and has a very sharp mind!

10 things to know about the Virgo sign

  • Virgo date of birth: August 23 to September 22
  • Strengths: Precise and logical
  • Qualities: Helpful and delicate
  • Flaws: Perfectionist and rigid
  • Your stones: Agathe, jasper
  • Your planet: Mercury
  • Your element: Earth
  • Your colors: Beige, gray
  • Your metals: Aluminum, bronze
  • Corresponding part of the body: the digestive system, the intestines

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