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What does your moon sign say about your personality?

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Our Moon sign in a birth chart is determined based on the position of the Moon in the birth chart at the time of birth.

In astrology , the Moon expresses sensitivity, the unconscious, the management of emotions, the part of and the femininity that everyone carries within themselves. The moon is the side of one's personality that one does not reveal to others.

The moon plays a very important role in astrology . There is a correspondence between the cycle of the moon and the signs of the zodiac . 

In this article we will study how your moon sign describes your personality for each of the signs of the zodiac . We have created an article so that you can calculate your moon sign quickly and easily.

What are the characteristics of each moon sign in a birth chart?

fire element astrology

Astrological signs of fire

The moon in Aries

The moon highlights the independence of the person wearing the Aries sign . Aries is a leader at heart. Ambitious and addicted to freedom, he is always looking for a challenge. Endearing, the latter prefers to be alone at the head of his group.

You are afraid to commit, you are hypersensitive and you do not express your emotions. Your strength of character always allows you to move forward, even when you find that things are not moving fast enough.

The moon in Leo

The main sun sign is Leo . This one likes to shine and standing out from the others is a priority. The lion moon sign exudes joy of life, and you radiate a lot of positive energy. Authoritarian, the lion acts as a perfect leader. You want to expect first place in everything.

You react strongly emotionally. You dramatize everything you do, which can annoy more than one person. You are noble, proud and strong at the same time.

The Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius makes him open-minded, sincere, optimistic, carefree and sentimental. Full of enthusiasm, Sagittarius leads a good life more or less far from depression in the presence of the moon. Sagittarius wants to explore the world, discover new cultures... You are an idealist, a traveler who thirsts for freedom and spirituality.

On the other hand, Sagittarius is an independent and impulsive person. You don't like routine and you quickly lose passion. It is necessary to understand it in order to open up to love.

earth element astrology

Astrological earth signs

The Taurus Moon

The Taurus sign is sociable, calm and stable. He adopts a road life in order to avoid stress. He likes to stay in one place and establish habits. You are determined, ambitious and independent. You know what you can and why you want it. The bull is a strong shoulder for others.

However, the Taurus moon sign has difficulty coping with strong emotional reactions. You value comfort and pleasing yourself, this can lead to excessive possessiveness, both material and emotional, and a lack of spontaneity.

The Moon in Virgo

The moon sign of Virgo is marked by a search for stability. With the virgin , we measure, we frame, we sort, we control. You want to control everything, even your feelings! Virgo is intelligent, polite and reserved. You like teamwork.

You don't show your emotions. The sign of Virgo is one of great modesty. You need to do real work to release your emotions. Virgo can easily fall into self-denial and lean towards exaggerated perfectionism.

The moon in Capricorn

Your deepest character trait is prudence. You are thrifty and intelligent. Capricorn is also hardworking and ambitious. Your emotions are not expressed in words but in actions. You are very inspiring, you can also be intimidating.

You are criticized for being solitary and closed in on yourself. You need to be on your own to achieve your goals. You are shy, suspicious and cold at first. Confessing a weakness or talking about how you feel makes you uncomfortable.

air element astrology

Astrological air signs

The moon in Gemini

The Gemini moon sign goes from laughter to tears in just a few minutes. People often say that you are moody. You are emotionally unstable. Gemini has a strong character, which will help you overcome difficult times in life. You like to learn and progress. You have a flexible nature and are frank, sincere and progressive.

This is a happy, social sign with a strong sense of humor. You embody adventure and courage. However, the sign is sometimes perceived as superficial and volatile.

The moon in Libra

The Libra moon sign is based on sensitivity, balance and reliability. You seek harmony among those around you. You are conciliatory, diplomatic, altruistic, thinker and loyal. You like human contact.

You often neglect your own desires. You tend to forget yourself. Decision making is your weak point. We advise you to clarify your needs and learn to manage your time, so that your site is more balanced.

In fact, you dream of a perfect world in which everyone gets along.

The moon in Aquarius

The Aquarius moon sign is an adventurer with a lot of ambition. You need freedom. You are a hard worker who often demonstrates initiative and perseverance. You overcome obstacles, limitations and disappointments. You understand how other minds work and spot their weaknesses.

On the other hand, you change moods quickly. This tends to alienate those close to the native. You like to keep control over your emotions and thoughts too much, be careful not to explode.

water element astrology

Astrological signs of water

The Moon in Cancer

The Cancer moon sign is the sign most connected to one's emotions. Cancer is sensitive and gentle. You are real feeling sponges. Emotional stability is the key to your happiness. You have great tenacity of spirit. You hate conflict. 

On the other hand, cancer is easily influenced and can appear hostile. Your shyness actually hides a certain vulnerability. You often withdraw into yourself and internalize your feelings.

The Moon in Scorpio 

The Scorpio moon sign is determined, courageous, persevering and intuitive. You are reserved, energetic and persistent, and you like to plan things on a grand scale. The Scorpio is in passion, destruction and reconstruction. You have an intense connection with your emotions, which gives you great intuition.

However, the Scorpio is extremely jealous and possessive. You are also very resentful and your determination can make you stubborn. You change your mood frequently and suddenly.

The Moon in Pisces 

And finally, the moon sign of Pisces shows that you are a sponge for emotions, both for your own, but also for those of others. You are sensitive, romantic and dreamer. You let yourself be guided by your intuitions and your spontaneity. Pisces are tender, caring and listen to others.

But be careful not to always wait for someone to return the favor because you risk being disappointed and ending up in a depressed state. Try to put your humanist instinct on hold to recharge your batteries alone.

If you want to continue to learn about the importance of the moon in astrology , we advise you to read our blog article on the role of the moon .

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