Les signes astrologiques compatibles en amour d'astro zodiaque
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What are the astrological signs compatible in love?

astrological sign compatibility

There are different experiences related to love. Astrology also gives its opinion regarding romantic relationships. Specialists have conducted a study on the compatibility of relationships between astrological signs . Many people strongly believe in these predictions . So, there are signs that can go together and experience a happy long-term relationship. Others are less so. Love compatibility has long become a very popular concept. On the internet, there is more and more research on this subject because more and more people are intrigued by the future of their relationships.

fire element astrology

Signs compatible with Fire sign natives

In the Fire signs, there are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

  • Aries: Sagittarius is the most compatible sign . These are two fire signs made to get along wonderfully. On the other hand, this will not be the same case with Gemini and Aquarius . Sagittarius is both enthusiastic and courageous while Aries is bold and brave. To seduce the natives, there is no point in circling the bridge, you must take action immediately.
  • Leo: Libra is the compatible sign , unlike Virgos and Taurus . Leo is constantly in need of love and the warmth of Libra can fill him with happiness. Natives love elegance and class.
  • Sagittarius: Leo is compatible and Taurus , Scorpio and Cancer are incompatible. With Leo sign people, natives can experience the dynamic and adventurous relationship they are looking for.

earth element astrology

Signs compatible with Earth sign natives

In the Earth signs there are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

  • Taurus: Capricorn is compatible with Taurus , Cancer and Taurus are not. Thus, two people of the same sign are not completely reconcilable. He can live in heaven with the natives of Capricorn . They have the same visions of life and it's easier to set up a project together. To attract a Taurus , open your heart to him.
  • Virgo: Sagittarius is the compatible sign . Scorpio , Aquarius and Pisces are not compatible. With Sagittarius natives , the relationship will be solid and with a bright future. It will be perfection, as Virgo natives like it. To attract a Virgo , you must be discreet, orderly and modest.
  • Capricorn: Virgo is compatible with Capricorn , Libra , Sagittarius and Aquarius are not. They have the same characters and can go very far together. For natives , a trustworthy and stable person is more notable.

air element astrology

Signs compatible with Air sign natives

In the Air signs, there are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

  • Gemini: Sagittarius suits Gemini , but like Pisces or Cancer . You will have all the attention you wanted. He will be the engine that propels you upwards. To attract Gemini , you will need to have a great sense of humor while being a great seducer.
  • Libra: Taurus is the sign that most corresponds to Libra on a sentimental level. Capricorn is less so. In a relationship, natives are rather romantic and kind, they are more concerned about the happiness of their partners than their own. To attract them, your sense of listening and your taste for justice must be high.
  • Aquarius: Sagittarius is also compatible with Aquarius . These are two independent signs , but which can build a future over time. This is not the case for Virgo and Pisces . To seduce an Aquarius , you have to be eager for something new to surprise him.

water element astrology

Signs compatible with Water sign natives

In the Water signs, there are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

  • Cancer: Leo is compatible with Cancer because they complement each other, Sagittarius and Aries do not. It is the assurance of a perfect life. If you want to seduce a Cancer native , above all be sincere and honest.
  • Scorpio: Cancer matches Scorpio because they have the same vision of love and life as a couple. This is not the case for Aries , Sagittarius and Virgo . As natives do not like failures in love, you must be careful when choosing the best candidate. To have a chance of dating a Scorpio , you must not be shy while remaining discreet.
  • Pisces : Scorpio is the right sign for Pisces , unlike Aries , Aquarius or Gemini . To attract a Pisces , you have to talk about love all the time.

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